Car Rental Terms and Conditions

Basic Insurance (Included in Price)

Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.) – Reduces the liability of the renter for damage to the car up to the amount of the excess,
a) For Car Groups Economy & Economy 2, Maximum Charge €500.
b) for car groups Compact maximum charge €700.
c) for car groups Compact Suv & cabrio , maximum charge €1000.
d) for car groups mini van , maximum charge €1500.

The excess is reserved for the period of rental by a credit card which must be issued in the name of the driver and will be fully refunded after the end of the rental period if no damage has occurred. The Basic Insurance does not cover damage to the underside of the car, tires and crystal breakage.

Personal Αccident Ιnsurance ( P.A.I )

Personal Accident Insurance covers hospital treatment costs and, in general, all medical costs for both the driver and the occupants of the vehicle.

Third-Party Insurance ( T.P.I. )

You are insured in the event of injury or destruction of third party property beyond the renter and the passengers.

Car Theft Protection ( T.P. )

You are totally relieved of financial responsibility in the event of theft of the vehicle. Your personal belongings are not covered.

No insurance Coverage

  • When the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • After an accident, driver doesnt stop and doesnt take the necessary actions, such as informing our company, the Traffic Police (100), getting names and addresses of those involved in the accident, and not moving the car from the point where the accident took place before the representative of the insurance company or the Traffic Police arrives.
  • When the renter uses the car for unfair and illegal purposes, for example. smuggling, theft, illegal transport of objects and goods.
  • When the driver is not declared on the Rental Agreement.
  • The driver uses the car for any kind of racing or competition.
  • Damages caused to the vehicle because of off road driving (road without asphalt, beaches, mountains etc).
  • The vehicle is used in violation of the traffic regulations (e.g. road signs, speed limits, road direction

Car Rental Terms and Conditions

Driver's Age

All drivers must have reached the age of 21 and hold a driving license for at least 12 months for car hire in categories A, B and C.
For rental cars in other categories, the driver must have completed 23 years of age and have a driving license for at least 24 months.

Driving License

A valid National Driving License is required along with your ID.
For citizens outside the European Union, an International Driving License is required.

Calculation of Rental Costs

Rental costs are processed on a 24-hour basis plus a 2-hour period calculated from the return time of the vehicle.
After 2 hours, an additional day is charged.

Terms of Driving

  • The driver must comply with the Greek Road Traffic Code.
  • Driving cautiously and with caution and never under the influence of alcohol or drugs or poor psychological condition that will affect his driving.
  • Driver MUST NOT use the car in off-road and beach driving. Damage caused to car underbody of gross negligence or malicious use is not covered by any insurance and charged the driver. Off-road driving is only allowed in 4×4 jeeps.
  • In the event that a warning light on the car’s display lights up, contact us immediately to give you the correct instructions.
  • Under no circumstances should someone else be allowed to drive the vehicle that is not registered in the rental contract and without informing the company.

2nd Driver

You have the option to enter in the rental contract and 2nd driver completely free of charge. The 3rd driver is charged at € 2 / day.

Children's Seats

Two types of child seats are available:

  • Baby Seat – Suitable for babies up to 3 years with an extra charge of € 5
  • Booster Seat – Suitable for children over 4 years with an extra charge of € 5